Unlocking Potential: An Interview with Érica Lopes, Author and Real Estate Expert

  We are excited to present an inspiring interview with Érica Lopes, a multifaceted professional from Angola. Érica is a celebrated writer, known for her books “Auto Desenvolvimento” e “Auto-Estima Inabalável”. She is also an educator, mentor, and successful real estate agent. Érica’s journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and continuous growth. As a mentor, she has […]

Shining Bright : An Interview with Olga Julio – CEO of Brilhante Magazine

  Hello, businesswomen and entrepreneurs! I’m pleased to present an inspiring interview with Olga Julio, a multi-talented woman and a true leader in the business world. Born in Angola, Olga is a journalist, influencer, master of ceremonies, press officer and CEO of the renowned Brilhante magazine. With a brilliant career and an innovative vision, Olga stands out as a reference […]

Inspiring Entrepreneurship : Romina Naranjo’s Journey from Writer to Bestseller

  Join us as we delve into the world of Romina Naranjo, a bestselling romance novelist who has captured the hearts of readers worldwide. In this exclusive interview, Romina shares her inspiring journey from aspiring writer to successful author. She offers invaluable insights into her creative process, the challenges she faced, and how she overcame them. Romina’s story is a […]

Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva – A strategic mind at the service of Angolan marketing

  Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva is a brilliant and strategic mind who has transformed the marketing landscape in Angola. Her innovative approach, deep market knowledge and passion for success make her an inspirational figure for women who aspire to succeed in the business world. In this exclusive interview with Jaime William & Leading Ladies, Monaliza Queiroz opens the doors to […]

Unlocking Digital Marketing’s Secrets: Ana Elez Shares Wisdom from Slovenia

Welcome, Ana Elez, to our Women Leaders Magazine! We’re thrilled to feature your expertise in digital marketing, hailing from Slovenia. Your insights promise to enlighten and inspire our readers as they navigate the dynamic world of marketing in the digital age. Your accomplishments and innovative approaches serve as a beacon for aspiring professionals worldwide. We look forward to delving into […]

Breaking Barriers: María Soto Castro’s Fusion of Tech Brilliance and Marketing Magic

  I am thrilled to introduce María Soto Castro, a powerhouse in the intersection of technology and marketing, whose expertise and passion have made her a trailblazer in the industry. With a background in computer engineering and a master’s degree in digital marketing, Maria seamlessly bridges the gap between technical innovation and creative strategy. Currently serving as the Innovation Team […]

Innovating Futures: Limairys Martínez’ Insights on Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, and Women’s Empowerment

  We are thrilled to present the inaugural interview of Jaime William & Leading Ladies magazine, featuring none other than the remarkable Limairys Martínez, Vice President of HBL LATAM and a Spanish-speaking business leader. As the first guest to grace our pages, Limairys embodies the essence of leadership, innovation, and empowerment in both the real estate sector and entrepreneurial landscape. […]