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Unlocking Potential: An Interview with Érica Lopes, Author and Real Estate Expert

Unlocking Potential: An Interview with Érica Lopes, Author and Real Estate Expert


We are excited to present an inspiring interview with Érica Lopes, a multifaceted professional from Angola. Érica is a celebrated writer, known for her books “Auto Desenvolvimento” e “Auto-Estima Inabalável”. She is also an educator, mentor, and successful real estate agent.

Érica’s journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and continuous growth. As a mentor, she has empowered countless women to achieve their goals and build successful careers in various fields, including real estate. In this interview, Érica shares her experiences, challenges, and the keys to cultivating unshakable self-esteem and professional excellence.

Join us for a conversation filled with valuable insights and practical advice that will inspire you to take bold steps towards your own success. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true leader who embodies resilience and empowerment.



Érica Lopes @ericalopes_autodesenvolvimento



1 – Erica, tell us a little about your career, how did you get started in the world of personal development and property?

My journey began at the age of 17 when I went to university and had to start working to support my studies. I later went into banking, where I spent six years and had the opportunity to work in various areas. Later, after graduating at the age of 24, I moved to the country’s capital where I worked in management, organisation and internal auditing and after 3 years of intense work and learning, I entered the world of entrepreneurship where I still work as the owner of a real estate agency, lecturer, trainer and writer.

My story with the world of personal development has to do with my passion and value of sharing knowledge and refusing to stay or live in my mental, emotional and financial comfort zone. Real estate was a passion I developed through books and decided to put into practice.

I summarise my journey as a true story of resilience, faith, courage and love, a lot of love for myself, for God and for my family.


2 – What inspired you to write your books “Auto Desenvolvimento” e “Auto-Estima Inabalável”?

My story, my life experiences and my purpose, which is to bring knowledge to people and help them expand their consciousness on a mental, emotional, spiritual and other level.


3 – In your book “Auto Desenvolvimento”, you talk about the importance of investing in yourself. What do you think are the key areas that women should focus on?

We all have and are a collection of various areas. We have mental, emotional, spiritual, social, relationship, financial and physical. People, including women, are different and this means that they give and will give importance to these aspects differently, so my message is to invest first in those areas that require more care and prioritisation and then in others that are less of a priority at the moment so that there is a balance between them.


4 – Self-esteem is a crucial issue for many female entrepreneurs, what practical tips can you give to boost it?

Absolutely. Self-esteem is our basic feeling, which means that before anything else we have to work on our internal feeling of love, or feelings for ourselves, because our self-esteem affects every aspect of our lives. If we don’t feel good about ourselves, it’s hard to feel good about others.


5.- How do you balance your writing career and your work in the property sector?

It’s difficult, but one of my great skills is dynamism and versatility. I’ve always done more than one thing and although it’s difficult, I manage to balance it.


6.- What challenges have you faced as a woman in the property sector in Angola and how have you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges was having to create connections because I knew almost no-one. Another is having to fit into a totally new field. It’s one thing to read about it in books, but it’s quite another to experience it in practice. No matter how much experience we have in other areas, entering a new field will always be a challenge and we’ll always be new at first, just like college freshmen.



7. What skills and knowledge do you think are essential for women who want to enter the property sector?

  • Mastery of their official language (well spoken and well written)
  • Conflict management skills
  • Dynamism
  • Organisation and willingness to learn constantly
  • Resilience (lots of it)


8.- What is your approach when advising clients on property investment?

I’m honest. If it’s not a good time to buy or sell property, I tell the client so. I don’t focus or worry only about making money, but about growing and creating value for the client, and this includes being honest, clear and transparent at all times.


9.- Angola is growing as a property market, what opportunities do you see for women investors in this sector?

Yes, it is growing. The great opportunity I see for women is the fact that we are in a market that is still virgin, or rather, it’s a market that has a lot to organise, build and improve. And women are essentially committed and competent when it comes to work, at least most of them, and with these particularities we have, it is possible to grow a lot in this sector.


10 – How important is financial education to the success of a woman entrepreneur?

Financial education is a major turning point in the lives of all of us. A woman can have many talents for business and even have the desire to work, but if she doesn’t know how to manage her finances, she won’t achieve anything as an entrepreneur.


11 – How do you manage risk in your property investments? Any advice for those just starting out?

I haven’t started investing in the property market yet. But I should start at some point as it’s one of my main goals in life.


12 – Can you share an anecdote or experience that marked a before and after in your career?

The emotional and spiritual therapies I’ve undergone have undoubtedly been the most profound experiences that mark a before and after in my life.


13 – How do you see the role of women in the Angolan economy in the coming years?

If women continue with the same dynamism and proactivity, they will be at the forefront of many important sectors in our country. Angolan women already have a better role in society today and this is a very positive point.


14.- What role do support networks and mentors play in the development of women leaders and entrepreneurs?

Mentors are also a major turning point in a woman’s life. They have the power to give a lot of leverage to a woman’s professional life.


15 – What message would you give to young women who are thinking of starting their own business?

Be sure of what you want and create a very clear vision of the future so that you don’t give up when obstacles come your way because they certainly will and only a clear vision and certainty of what you want will help you to remain firm and overcome everything.


16 – How do you see the relationship between personal development and professional success?

A very direct relationship, because a person’s level of professional success will never exceed their level of self-development. Success is something you attract through the person you become.


17.- What daily habits help you stay motivated and productive?

  • Creative visualisation
  • Self-motivation
  • Writing down daily goals
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Deliberately creating a state of joy


18.- What has been your greatest achievement to date and why do you consider it so important?

Having developed mental, technical and emotional skills that will carry me through the rest of my life and having rebuilt an absolutely healthy relationship with my parents.


19 – What plans do you have for the future, both in your writing career and in the property sector?

Yes, I have many. I want to write 100 books during my time here on earth and create an ecosystem in the property sector.

Thank you so much.




Interview with Érica Lopes by Jaime William Mostacero Baca

Jaime William & Leading Ladies – Érica Lopes

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