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Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva – A strategic mind at the service of Angolan marketing

Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva – A strategic mind at the service of Angolan marketing


Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva is a brilliant and strategic mind who has transformed the marketing landscape in Angola. Her innovative approach, deep market knowledge and passion for success make her an inspirational figure for women who aspire to succeed in the business world.

In this exclusive interview with Jaime William & Leading Ladies, Monaliza Queiroz opens the doors to her world, sharing her experience as a marketing leader, her vision of the Angolan business landscape and her strategies for business success.


Photos : Pedro Soares – Imagens Angola



Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva @jull.ymon


Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva




Photos : Pedro Soares – Imagens Angola




Photos : Pedro Soares – Imagens Angola


1: What inspired you to move to Angola and pursue a career in marketing and business?

A: It was the opportunity for professional growth that I had here in my sector, Angola is a fertile business hub.
I always say that I was born into marketing and sales, I grew up selling, it’s a talent passed down from generation to generation.


2 – What has your experience been like working in the Angolan business sector? Have you faced any challenges or barriers?

A: I’ve been working in Angola for 11 years, and I can say that at first I had a lot of difficulties which I overcame when I learned to respect the country’s business organizational culture, learning how to deal with companies and clients and sectors which are very different from Brazil.



3 – What motivated you to become Commercial and Administrative Director of O Telegrama magazine in Angola?

A: Nelson Francisco Sul- CEO and General Director of Revisita O Telegrama, his proposal, the truthfulness he transmits together with the O Telegrama team, and the first revisita in Angola to show the most influential women in various sectors, who have helped a lot in Angolan Development.


4 – What has your experience been like leading a diverse team at the magazine? What strategies have you implemented to foster collaboration and teamwork?

A: We are all leaders in our sector, and teamwork favors the growth of the company and the sector in which we operate. Communication and respect between colleagues has been the most important point for a good working relationship, and respecting the company’s organizational culture means that everyone wins and feels happy in their work.


5 – How has the Angolan business landscape evolved in recent years, and what trends have you seen in business, finance, economics and politics?

A: The Angolan economy is more closely linked to the oil sectors, although they are engraved with a public scope directly incorporated into their corporate purpose, companies integrated into the Business Sector must necessarily coexist with a profit motive.



6 – How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the Angolan business world, and what strategies have you implemented to help the magazine and the companies it advises adapt to the new normal?

The Angolan authorities have taken timely action to address the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Measures to protect public health included quarantine, social distancing, border closures with limited exceptions, closing schools, restaurants and public events, as well as limiting transportation. The government approved an amended budget using a conservative oil reference price. It has also introduced a comprehensive set of budgetary and monetary measures to support economic activities for companies and with them, they have overcome this phase, but the consequences of covid are still being felt.


7.- What role does marketing play in the success of Angolan companies? What marketing strategies would you recommend to companies looking to expand or establish themselves in the Angolan market?

A: As a marketing professional, I can say that marketing in Angolan companies helps a lot with brand success, product and service knowledge and communicating with their target audience, and they are committed to this, showing culture, creativity and innovation.

First of all, if a company wants to establish itself in the Angolan market, it needs to know the country’s organizational policy, study its target audience, carry out field research in order to gear up and promote its brand according to the statistics. In this way you can achieve good brand activation and succeed in your business within the Angolan sector.



8 – What has your experience been like advising Angolan companies on marketing? What challenges and opportunities have you encountered in this area?

A: Angolans themselves are very fond of ideas and innovations, they are good listeners and learn quickly, they want to see their company grow so they will look for better conditions and renew their studies in order to grow their company even more. My challenge is always the immediacy of some micro-businesses, sometimes they don’t want to go through the process of solidifying the business, and I try to advise them to follow the step by step, but many have the desire to do it now, the opportunities I’ve had are also to learn from them about how to deal with the public and learn more about the country’s organizational culture, and also when you teach, you learn twice, and create more experience in the market.


9 – What advice would you give to women who aspire to be business leaders in Angola or any other country?

A: I had the opportunity to be involved in organizing the Gala and choosing the 100 most influential women in Angola from O Telegrama magazine, which produced the event,
Powerful female leaders who have helped to develop Angola, who in a way are an inspiration not only to other Angolan women but to us foreign women too.

And my advice is for me too lol; Women are already born with love and strength, because they are the only ones who can bear a child, the man plants the seed, but we are responsible for feeding that fruit in our womb and making it grow until the day it is born, inside our homes we are the pillars of the strength of our home, now imagine you, a businesswoman, what is your area of activity? From micro to large, from those still studying to those who have graduated. The seed in us can be planted by the company, so to speak, but we have the creativity to make it germinate and grow and bear fruit and be pillars, leaders who inspire other leaders.



10 – What role do you think women can play in promoting economic and social development in Angola?

A: Women in Angola can be in any sector of activity, banking, economics, finance, politics, they have gained their space and earned their business merit, it’s not easy, but they have been helping to promote economic and social development in Angola for many years.


11: What are your future plans for your professional career and what goals do you hope to achieve in the coming years?

A: I want to be able to update my professional side even more, to have more knowledge and experience of the market, to be able to get to know and work in other countries, to be able to acquire even more knowledge in my sector. In the future, I intend to do more networking and giving talks, which is something I love teaching.


12: What message do you have for women leaders and entrepreneurs around the world?

A: Women leaders, lead, we are strong, and we can build a better world, don’t give up on this journey, continue the fight, teach and inspire the new leaders who will one day be in our place, to continue our legacy, live, win, cry, smile, make it happen, don’t lose faith in God, pray without ceasing, because through the Holy Spirit, we will be guided, instructed, and we will create more and more strength to help in social development for a nation deserving of women like us.



13.- What are your passions outside the business world? What are your hobbies or activities that you enjoy in your spare time?

A:My hobby is music – I love singing and it’s connected to my musical style, and also reading – I love reading, I also love traveling whenever I get the chance and getting to know new places.


14: What book, movie or podcast has inspired you in your professional career?

A: Ms. Mary Kay’s book – her life story.
Movie: Steve Jobs
And recently the Instagram page of the Angolan writer Claudio Armando: @pensando_livre: I’d like to share an excerpt from pensando_livre which inspires me a lot and always gives me the strength to carry on.
“…The difference makes the world, everyone is what they are, the nature of each person defines their character. Even though the world is a mishmash of everything, we are together but we are not mixed, in each one there is an individual particularity that characterizes them. Even though we all live together and are interconnected for some reason, our personalities are unique and that’s what makes the world so interesting. For there is a reason for everything…” – @pensando_livre =Cláudio Armando=


15 – Which leader or entrepreneur do you most admire? Why do you admire them?

A: Dilma Roussef – she was and is a woman who, from a very young age, fought for the development of Brazil, she had successes, she had mistakes, but she never lowered her head, she is an example of resilience and sorority. Today she is once again showing her leadership and that we women shouldn’t give up on our dreams and fulfilling our mission.



16 – If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose? Why?

A: Geraldo Onesio Silva (he was a communicator, broadcaster, Master of Ceremonies, musician, multi-instrumentalist, politician, businessman and a great marketing professional of his time), my father IN MEMORY.
If I could once again sit down with my father, and have dinner with him, I would thank him for the gifts I inherited from him, for his advice, and for inspiring me in my current profession, and I would ask him,
pai esta bom? I have to get better at what? Can you give me some more tips ? Thank you for everything, I love you and Mom very much.


17 – What advice would you give your younger self?

A: Just don’t stop fighting, don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop studying, keep going, don’t lose faith.


18 – What is your biggest dream or aspiration in life?

A: To see my children doing well, trained in whatever they choose and stabilized. They are the greatest inspiration in my life.



19 – How do you think you can contribute to creating a more equitable and inclusive world for women in business?

A: By motivating and inspiring women to find their place in their sector, always showing them their potential and their feminine leadership, in motivational talks.


20 – What final message do you have for our readers?

A: First of all, I’d like to thank Leading Ladies magazine for the opportunity to be part of this issue, it’s a very important step and I want it to reach all of your target audiences. All the best.

Readers to Leading Ladies,

The business sector is part of all of us, we were born and grew up in it, it has always been there because of our social, fiscal and emotional needs, we are what we live, and we are all entrepreneurs and we have a sector of activity even when we are only at home, we have a gift, a talent that needs to be carried out to help our family, our partner, our children, our friends, to be able to satisfy our needs.
Don’t bury your talent, don’t bury your gift, the world needs it, no one in this world is useless, we are all useful and needed, we are all important, and we have our place in this world we live in. You are important to society, make it happen, just say I can, I want, I can, I am a winner.


Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva
Brazilian, 35 years old.
Administrative & Commercial Director
Senior Account Marketing Professional






Interview with Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva by Jaime William Mostacero Baca

Jaime William & Leading Ladies – Monaliza Jullieth Queiroz Silva

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