Jaime William Mostacero Baca, is a recognized communicator and disseminator of talent and world culture. In 2013 he was recognized with an Honorary Second Place in the state contest “Tramite de Mas” where he presented a project to bank the payments of the health card of his native Lima – Peru.

In 2014 he was aware that the Peruvian government had not yet assimilated the digital transformation and created Perumira Digital, a digital magazine where he began to publish and teach about the few applications available to citizens, but it was his interviews with journalists and marketers from Spain and Peru that ended up turning Perumira Digital into Perumira Global Talent, interviewing talents and professionals from around the world, in 10 languages.

Today Jaime William Mostacero Baca and his brand Perumira are known and recognized as a Global Talent Magazine, the only one with more than 900 interviews in 10 years and with multiplatform channels, including videos and podcasts. In the early years many believed that Jaime William’s last name was Perumira, given the great reception of his platform.

Jaime thus becomes a link between people and their cultures, empowering women in the 05 continents and giving interviews in different blogs and written and digital media in Latin America, Spain and Europe, being classified as “Digital Visionary”.

His passion for culture and meeting personalities made Jaime publish an essay called “Des-Enredando la Educación” available on Amazon where he explains the 4 pillars of Peruvian and Latin education.

Currently and already with a brand with a large community in different channels and social media, Jaime William as he is called has different specializations oriented to digital transformation and IT, from digital marketing, business, web programming, SEO and digital education.

9 years later Jaime William remembers the words of his friend and Peruvian communicator Jorge Rojas Orrillo in his first radio interview in 2015 where he called him “Pioneer of Social Media & Digital Marketing in Peru”.

In 2016 Jaime William was already considered among the “Top 90 Digital Marketing Blogs“, “Top Spanish Speaking Entrepreneur” or among the “140 Most Influential Men in Spanish Speaking Entrepreneurship and Marketing“.

Jaime belonged to the International Chamber of Entrepreneurs and today his brand Perumira is part of the Digital Democracy Lab Latin America led by Peruvian Elaine Ford.

In 2020 Jaime William realizes that the fashion industry and the pageants are an important platform to give visibility to social projects and allow many beauty queens to jump to the big screen. In this way she creates Miss & Model Global Talent as a backbone of female empowerment to showcase the talent of women around the world, including girls with different abilities, curvy and wheelchair. It is through his interviews with top models and Misses that he meets Olga IF, a double GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® in fashion, with multiple international awards. Jaime William and Olga IF share the same ideal, inclusion and respect for people.

Also in time of Pandemic was required in Argentina as a Columnist in to write different articles about COVID and its social impact.

Radio El Mundo 1070 AM Argentina also relied on his services as a commentator after the Presidential Elections in Peru.

That same year 2020, as an initiative of one of his interview guests, he created Global Talent Princess Ambassadors, who now help him to search for talent in 91 countries and give them digital diffusion. Jaime William is also called the “Latin Czar of Global Talent”, for making talent and women the backbone of his success.

Among his upcoming projects Jaime William Mostacero Baca is consolidating his podcast interviewing talents from around the world, giving conferences on education, women and digital transformation in Latin American and African countries, as well as creating an NGO to strengthen the skills and talents in people of all ages, because he is convinced that there is no age to find your path and purpose in life.

In 2023 he was requested by the Spanish journalist José Luis Ortiz who interviewed him as a Visionary of Today’s World. His interview was replicated in different media in Spain, such as Murcia or Diario Siglo XXI, and in the Dominican Republic in the Sol de las Americas, Tamboril Digital and Criolla 106 FM.

In 2024 he received the Cesar Vallejo Award for Business Excellence for the XXXII Anniversary of the “Union HispanoMundial de Escritores UHE”.

In his own words Jaime William feels that he already knows the world with hundreds of guests, who tell him about their countries and cultures.