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Innovating Futures: Limairys Martínez’ Insights on Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, and Women’s Empowerment

Innovating Futures: Limairys Martínez’ Insights on Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, and Women’s Empowerment


We are thrilled to present the inaugural interview of Jaime William & Leading Ladies magazine, featuring none other than the remarkable Limairys Martínez, Vice President of HBL LATAM and a Spanish-speaking business leader. As the first guest to grace our pages, Limairys embodies the essence of leadership, innovation, and empowerment in both the real estate sector and entrepreneurial landscape.

A trailblazer in her own right, Limairys has carved a distinguished path marked by resilience, vision, and unwavering dedication. With a multifaceted career spanning real estate, journalism, and entrepreneurship, she stands as a beacon of inspiration for women across industries.

In this exclusive interview, Limairys candidly shares her journey from aspiring entrepreneur to industry luminary, offering invaluable insights into her motivations, challenges, and triumphs. From founding multiple brands to mentoring aspiring women in real estate, her commitment to empowering others is evident in every aspect of her work.

Join us as we delve into the world of real estate, entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership with Limairys, and discover the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and purpose.




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Limairys Martínez


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1.- As a leading woman in the real estate sector, what was your motivation for entering this field and how have you seen your career in the sector evolve?

My motivation to enter the real estate sector was the desire to challenge gender stereotypes and make a significant contribution to an industry dominated by men. Throughout my career, I have seen how the sector has evolved towards greater inclusion and diversity, creating more opportunities for women leaders like myself. My focus has always been on providing exceptional service to my clients and helping to build prosperous communities through ethical and transparent real estate transactions. Additionally, I am passionate about the fact that the real estate sector is a profession of public relations. The ability to establish strong and lasting connections with clients, colleagues, and business partners is fundamental to success in this field. I enjoy cultivating meaningful relationships and working collaboratively with different people to achieve common goals in the real estate world. This aspect of the profession provides me with additional satisfaction and motivates me to continue growing and excelling in my career. There is no earnings ceiling, and it all depends on the discipline and organizational skills you have.


2.- In addition to your real estate activities, you are also a journalist. How do you combine these two facets in your professional life?

In my professional life, I combine my activities in the real estate sector with my work as a journalist in various ways. On one hand, I use my journalistic skills to effectively communicate relevant information about the real estate market through various media, whether it’s writing articles, specialized reports, or producing audiovisual content. On the other hand, my experience in the real estate sector provides me with a unique and deep perspective that I can apply in my journalistic work, allowing me to analyze trends, interview experts, and offer valuable insights on real estate-related topics in my reporting. This combination of skills and knowledge enables me to provide a comprehensive and enriched approach both in my real estate career and in my work as a journalist.


3.- As the founder of multiple brands, can you tell us about your different ventures and how you manage them effectively?

Even though it may sound cliché, the key is to enjoy what you do. I always say that the business world is the “adults’ game” and I have fun as such; I am lucky to be able to live, travel a lot, and enjoy what I do. With the wood I have, I always make the best furniture, and starting over, starting from scratch, or taking advantage of every obstacle in life is something I am very good at. The diversity of my companies allows me to apply innovative ideas and creative solutions in different contexts and markets. Currently, I enjoy traveling a lot for work and pleasure, and I am lucky to be able to practice my profession in cultures as different as Venezuela, Spain, Miami, Dubai, and recently, together with one of my partners, I am starting to explore Brazil in the investment market. From my exciting world of luxury real estate investments, Airbnb management businesses, interior decoration, to my import and export company from China to Latin America, leadership in marketing and branding consultancy for telecommunications companies in Spain, investments in crowdfunding, ecommerce, to my role as a journalist and speaker, among others, I find business opportunities everywhere, and I am passionate about creating incessantly.

My ability to identify opportunities and turn them into successful projects is driven by my dedication to study and constant preparation. I am constantly learning and updating my knowledge to stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices in each of my fields of interest.

Managing my diverse companies requires a balance between strategic vision and execution capability. I ensure to set clear goals and have a talented and committed team who share my vision and can effectively implement my ideas.

The key to managing multiple brands effectively lies in organization and delegation. I set clear goals and objectives for each one, prioritize tasks, and allocate resources strategically. Additionally, I have a talented and committed team who shares my vision and works together to achieve our goals.

Open communication and constant feedback are fundamental to the success of my companies. I maintain a direct line of communication with my team and foster an environment of collaboration and creativity. Additionally, I am always attentive to market trends and willing to adapt my strategies as necessary to maintain the relevance and growth of my brands.

The effective management of my different companies is based on a combination of clear vision, organization, delegation, open communication, and adaptability to changing market conditions.


4.- As a speaker, what is your approach to talking about business and women’s empowerment?

Como speaker, my approach to talking about business and women’s empowerment focuses on several key aspects:

  • Inspiration and motivation: I seek to inspire women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and not let barriers, whether social, cultural, or gender-based, limit their potential. I share stories of successful female entrepreneurs and highlight the challenges they have overcome to achieve success.
  • Skill development: I offer practical advice and strategies for developing business skills such as leadership, negotiation, networking, and time management. I also emphasize the importance of continuous learning and professional development to achieve success in the business world.
  • Networking and collaboration: I highlight the importance of building strong support networks and collaboration among female entrepreneurs. I promote the idea that together we can achieve more and encourage women to share resources, knowledge, and experiences to drive growth and mutual success.
  • Overcoming obstacles: I address the specific challenges that women face in the business world, such as gender discrimination, the gender pay gap, and balancing work and personal life. I offer strategies for overcoming these obstacles and empower women to reach their full potential.

My approach as a speaker is to inspire, empower, and support women on their entrepreneurial journey, providing both inspiration and practical tools so they can achieve success in the business world and beyond.


5.- How do you think women can excel in the real estate industry and what advice would you give to women who want to enter this field?

I firmly believe that women can thrive in real estate by taking these crucial steps:

I’ve seen firsthand the power of developing robust skills. It’s about diving deep into negotiation tactics, mastering market analysis, property management, and real estate finance. Continual learning keeps me sharp and ahead of the curve.

Networking has been my lifeline. Cultivating relationships with peers, clients, and industry experts has unlocked countless opportunities. Active involvement in professional circles expands horizons and fosters growth.

In the cutthroat world of real estate, being proactive and unwaveringly persistent is non-negotiable. I’ve learned to hunt for opportunities, maintain client connections, and innovate relentlessly to stay ahead.

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords; they’re the bedrock of progress. I’m committed to fostering an environment where everyone has a fair shot, regardless of background or gender.

Mentors and role models have been my guiding lights. Learning from those who’ve walked the path before me has been invaluable. Their wisdom and support have fueled my journey.

In essence, excelling in real estate demands honing skills, nurturing connections, relentless perseverance, championing diversity, and seeking guidance. With passion, grit, and a supportive community, women can conquer this exhilarating realm.


6.- What are the main challenges you have faced as a woman in the business world and how have you overcome them?

It’s wonderful to be able to say that I’ve had a very positive experience in the business world. I feel very supported by my colleagues and partners, especially by the incredible women I surround myself with and who support each other.

I’m a very intuitive person, so when I feel that someone doesn’t resonate with my energy, either personally or professionally, I immediately step back and change focus. I don’t waste time or get distracted.

Of course, as a woman, there has always been some man who has tried to take advantage of this situation with unprofessional insinuations. But I’ve learned to handle it and dismiss it diplomatically.

It’s important to maintain clear boundaries and communicate my expectations effectively to ensure a respectful and productive work environment for everyone. I will continue to trust my intuition and surround myself with people who support and inspire me on my business journey.


7.- As a real estate investment mentor, what is your approach to empowering other women in the field?

As a real estate investment mentor, my approach to empowering other women in the field focuses on several key aspects:

  • Education and training: I offer education and training programs specifically designed for women interested in real estate investing. These programs cover everything from basics to advanced strategies, providing women with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the field.
  • Personalized mentoring: I provide personalized mentoring to women who want to enter the world of real estate investing or who are looking to take their businesses to the next level. This mentoring includes individualized guidance, emotional support, and practical advice based on my own experience in the industry.
  • Networking and community building: I encourage networking and the building of a community of female real estate investors. I organize events, seminars, and discussion groups where women can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.
  • Fostering confidence and autonomy: I work on strengthening women’s confidence and autonomy in their abilities as investors. I encourage them to make informed decisions, trust their intuition, and not be afraid to take calculated risks in the real estate business.

My approach to empowering other women in the field of real estate investing is based on providing education, mentoring, networking, and emotional support to help them reach their full potential and achieve success in this sector.


8.- What is your opinion on the importance of networking in business success and what strategies do you use to expand your network?

The networking is fundamental for success in business. The ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with others in your industry can open doors, provide collaboration opportunities, and offer support in critical moments. Additionally, networking allows you to learn from others’ experiences, share knowledge, and stay up-to-date on trends and developments in your field.

To expand my network, I use several strategies:

  • Participation in events and conferences: I regularly attend events, conferences, and seminars related to my industry. These are ideal places to meet other professionals, exchange ideas, and establish new connections.
  • Use of online platforms: I use professional social networking platforms like LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, mentors, and influencers in my field. I also participate in online groups and communities where I can share knowledge and establish relationships with like-minded individuals.
  • Collaborations and joint projects: I seek opportunities to collaborate with other professionals on projects or initiatives that can benefit both parties. These collaborations not only help strengthen relationships but can also lead to new business opportunities.
  • Follow-up and relationship maintenance: Once connections are established, it’s important to keep them active through regular follow-up and communication. I stay in touch with my contacts through emails, phone calls, and regular meetings to keep the relationship alive.

I consider networking essential for success in business, and I use a variety of strategies to expand my network and strengthen my professional relationships.


9.- As a female entrepreneur, what has been your greatest achievement in the business world and what lessons have you learned along the way?

As a female entrepreneur, my greatest achievement in the business world has been the successful launch and growth of my own company. Along the way, I’ve learned several valuable lessons:

  • Persistence and determination: I’ve learned that the path to entrepreneurial success is filled with challenges and obstacles. My ability to persevere and keep pushing forward despite difficulties has been crucial in overcoming tough times and reaching my goals.
  • Self-confidence: As I’ve faced challenges and made tough decisions in my business, I’ve learned to trust in my abilities and my capacity to make sound decisions. Self-confidence has enabled me to take calculated risks and move forward with determination.
  • Building networks and relationships: I’ve learned the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, business partners, and colleagues in my industry. These relationships have been fundamental to the growth of my business and to opening up new collaboration opportunities.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: In the business world, it’s important to be adaptable and willing to adjust to changes in the market and the needs of customers. I’ve learned to be flexible in my approach and to be open to new ideas and opportunities.

My greatest achievement as an entrepreneur has been the launch and successful growth of my own company, and along the way, I’ve learned valuable lessons about persistence, self-confidence, networking, and adaptability. These lessons continue to guide my path and my growth as an entrepreneur.


10.- How do you think the representation of women in the real estate industry has evolved in recent years and what changes do you expect to see in the future?

The representation of women in the real estate industry has evolved significantly in recent years. Historically, real estate has been a male-dominated field, but there has been a noticeable shift towards greater gender diversity and inclusion. More women are entering the industry and taking on leadership roles, challenging traditional norms and stereotypes.

One major factor driving this change is the recognition of the value that women bring to the table in real estate. Women tend to excel in areas such as communication, relationship-building, and attention to detail, which are all crucial skills in the industry. Additionally, initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion, as well as efforts to address gender bias and discrimination, have helped create a more welcoming environment for women in real estate.

Looking to the future, I expect to see even more progress in the representation of women in the real estate industry. As gender diversity continues to be a focus across various sectors, real estate companies are likely to place greater emphasis on recruiting and promoting women. We can also expect to see more mentorship and networking opportunities specifically tailored to women in real estate, helping them advance their careers and break through barriers.

Furthermore, advancements in technology and changes in the way business is conducted may also contribute to greater gender equality in real estate. Remote work options, digital platforms for property management and transactions, and flexible work arrangements can provide women with more opportunities to thrive in the industry while balancing other responsibilities.

Overall, the future of women in the real estate industry looks promising, with increasing opportunities for growth, leadership, and representation. Continued efforts to promote gender diversity and inclusion will be key to realizing this potential and ensuring a more equitable and thriving industry for all.


11.- As a speaker, what topics are you passionate about addressing in your presentations and why?


As a speaker, I’m passionate about addressing topics that inspire and empower people to reach their full potential. I focus on personal and professional empowerment, leadership skill development, emotional well-being, resilience, and creativity and innovation. I believe in sharing knowledge and experiences to contribute to the growth and development of those around me.


12.- How do you think brand diversification can benefit women entrepreneurs and what advice would you give them for managing multiple businesses?

Brand diversification can offer several benefits to women entrepreneurs. Firstly, it provides them with the opportunity to explore multiple revenue streams, reducing dependence on a single business venture. This diversification can also help mitigate risks associated with economic fluctuations or changes in consumer preferences within a specific market segment.

Additionally, brand diversification allows women entrepreneurs to tap into different target markets and customer segments, potentially increasing their overall customer base and market reach. By expanding their brand into complementary or related industries, women entrepreneurs can leverage existing brand equity and customer loyalty to drive growth in new areas.

Furthermore, brand diversification fosters innovation and creativity by encouraging entrepreneurs to explore new business ideas and opportunities. It can also provide a platform for personal and professional growth, allowing women to develop new skills and expertise in diverse areas of business.

To effectively manage multiple businesses, women entrepreneurs should prioritize organization, delegation, and time management. It’s essential to establish clear goals and priorities for each business and allocate resources accordingly. Delegating tasks to trusted team members or outsourcing certain functions can help alleviate the workload and ensure that each business receives adequate attention.

Additionally, women entrepreneurs should leverage technology and automation tools to streamline operations and improve efficiency across their businesses. Implementing effective systems for communication, project management, and financial tracking can help ensure smooth operations and facilitate informed decision-making.

Finally, it’s crucial for women entrepreneurs to maintain a healthy work-life balance and prioritize self-care. Balancing multiple businesses can be demanding, so taking time for rest, relaxation, and personal fulfillment is essential for long-term success and well-being.


13.- What role does financial literacy play in business success, especially for women in real estate?

Financial literacy is essential for the success of women in real estate. It provides them with the knowledge and skills to understand key financial concepts, develop strategic business plans, access capital, manage risks effectively, and build long-term wealth. With financial literacy, women can make informed decisions, navigate complex investment landscapes, and achieve their financial goals in the real estate industry.

As a woman in real estate, financial literacy is my key to success, enabling me to make informed decisions, access capital, and build long-term wealth.


14.- What strategies do you use to promote inclusion and diversity in your companies and in the real estate industry in general?

In our companies and in the real estate industry as a whole, we prioritize promoting inclusion and diversity through various strategies:

  • Creating a Welcoming Environment: We ensure that our workplaces are welcoming and inclusive for everyone, regardless of background, gender, race, or orientation. Our leadership sets the tone by promoting a culture of respect and zero tolerance for discrimination.
  • Diverse Hiring Practices: We actively seek out diverse talent by implementing inclusive hiring practices, such as blind resume reviews and diverse interview panels. We also collaborate with organizations supporting underrepresented groups to expand our candidate pool.
  • Employee Resource Groups: We encourage the formation of employee resource groups (ERGs) where individuals with shared backgrounds or interests can come together to support each other, share experiences, and advocate for change within our companies.
  • Diversity Training and Education: We provide regular diversity training and education to our employees to raise awareness, challenge biases, and promote understanding of different perspectives. This helps cultivate a more inclusive and empathetic work environment.
  • Supplier Diversity Programs: We actively seek out and support diverse suppliers and vendors in our business operations. By prioritizing partnerships with minority-owned, women-owned, and LGBTQ+-owned businesses, we contribute to economic empowerment and inclusivity in the broader community.

In the real estate industry, we advocate for greater diversity and inclusion through involvement in industry organizations, speaking engagements, and mentorship programs. By sharing best practices, promoting dialogue, and serving as role models, we aim to inspire positive change and create a more inclusive and equitable industry for all.


15.- As a woman leader, what is your vision for the future of real estate and what changes would you like to see in the coming years?

As a woman leader in the real estate industry, my vision for the future is one of inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability. In the coming years, I would like to see several changes:

  • Embrace of Technology and Innovation: I believe that technology will continue to transform the real estate landscape, making transactions more efficient, transparent, and accessible. I envision embracing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and unlock new opportunities for growth.
  • Focus on Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: In light of growing concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability, I believe that the real estate industry must prioritize green building practices, energy efficiency, and sustainable development. By incorporating eco-friendly design principles and renewable energy solutions into our projects, we can create healthier, more resilient communities for future generations.
  • Affordable Housing Solutions: I am committed to addressing the ongoing challenge of affordable housing and housing inequality. I believe that innovative approaches, such as public-private partnerships, mixed-income developments, and creative financing solutions, can help expand access to affordable housing and address the needs of underserved communities.
  • Continued Commitment to Education and Professional Development: I envision a real estate industry that invests in the education and professional development of its workforce, providing opportunities for lifelong learning, skill-building, and career advancement. By empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, we can foster a culture of excellence and drive collective success in the industry.

Overall, my vision for the future of real estate is one of progress, collaboration, and positive impact. By embracing diversity, innovation, sustainability, and affordability, we can build a brighter future for our industry and the communities we serve.


16.- How do you address the specific challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in real estate and how do you support them on their path to success?

As part of my commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs in real estate, I offer personalized mentorship sessions tailored to address their specific challenges and goals. Through these one-on-one mentorship sessions, I provide guidance, advice, and insights based on my own experiences and expertise in the industry. Additionally, I have authored a book focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities for women in real estate, offering practical strategies and inspirational stories to empower and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, I organize events and conferences specifically designed to connect women in the real estate industry, providing valuable networking opportunities and a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences. These events bring together women entrepreneurs, industry experts, and thought leaders to facilitate collaboration, mentorship, and professional development.

By offering personalized mentorship, sharing insights through my book, and organizing networking events and conferences, I aim to provide comprehensive support to women entrepreneurs in real estate, helping them overcome challenges, unlock opportunities, and achieve success on their path to entrepreneurship.


17.- What practical advice would you give to women who want to invest in real estate but may be intimidated by the process?

Dive into real estate investing fearlessly: Start small, educate yourself, and set clear goals. Surround yourself with a supportive network and don’t shy away from calculated risks. Research diligently, be patient, and persistently pursue opportunities. Remember, success in real estate comes to those who take action and embrace the journey.


18.- What strategies do you use to maintain motivation and passion for your entrepreneurial projects over time?

 Constantly challenge the status quo, set audacious goals, and celebrate every small win. Surround yourself with a supportive community, stay curious, and never stop learning. Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, and always remember your ‘why’.


19.- As a businesswoman, how do you keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the real estate market?

To dominate in real estate, I devour industry news, network relentlessly, and embrace cutting-edge tech. I’m plugged into conferences, analyze data like a pro, and follow top influencers religiously. It’s all about staying agile, informed, and ahead of the game.


20.-What is your approach to ongoing personal and professional development, and how do you think it benefits your business career?

My approach to personal and professional development centers on relentless growth, embracing resilience, and fostering adaptability. I thrive on a steady diet of learning, networking, and self-reflection, constantly seeking out new challenges and opportunities for growth. Through continuous education, mentorship, and networking, I cultivate a mindset of resilience, enabling me to navigate setbacks and uncertainties with grace and determination. I embrace change as an opportunity for innovation and evolution, leveraging my skills and insights to pivot quickly and thrive in dynamic environments. With an unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth, I emerge stronger, more adaptable, and better equipped to succeed in the ever-changing landscape of business.


21.- Finally, what inspirational message or words of encouragement would you share with other women who aspire to achieve success in the business world, especially in real estate?

Own your ambition, defy expectations, and blaze your own trail. In the world of real estate, your resilience is your superpower. Remember, every setback is a setup for a comeback. You’ve got this, and the world is yours for the taking!



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Jaime William & Leading Ladies – Limairys Martinez – First Guest

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