Jaime William Mostacero Baca Honored with the Prestigious César Vallejo Award for Business Excellence

Jaime William Mostacero Baca Honored with the Prestigious César Vallejo Award for Business Excellence


In a grand celebration marking the 32nd anniversary of the Unión Hispanomundial de Escritores (UHE), Jaime William Mostacero Baca, a dynamic and influential figure in the world of communication and digital marketing, has been bestowed with the esteemed César Vallejo Award for Business Excellence. This accolade, presented under the leadership of Dr. Carlos Hugo Garrido, not only recognizes Mostacero Baca’s outstanding achievements as the director of Perumira Global Talent Magazine but also highlights his significant contributions to global communication and media.


Celebrating Excellence in Leadership and Innovation

The César Vallejo Award for Business Excellence is a prestigious honor awarded to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and leadership in their respective fields. Jaime William Mostacero Baca has consistently exemplified these qualities throughout his illustrious career. His work with Perumira Global Talent Magazine, where he serves as CEO and director, has been particularly impactful, transforming the magazine into a leading platform for showcasing international talent.


Perumira Global Talent Magazine: A Beacon of Global Talent

Under Mostacero Baca’s visionary leadership, Perumira Global Talent Magazine has risen to prominence as a foremost publication dedicated to highlighting beauty pageants, fashion, and personal stories of remarkable individuals worldwide. The magazine features interviews with finalists and winners from prestigious contests such as Miss Universe Canada, Miss World Costa Rica, and Miss South America, among many others. His keen eye for talent and storytelling has made Perumira a trusted source for inspirational and aspirational content.


A Remarkable Communicator and Media Personality

Jaime William Mostacero Baca’s ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds has set him apart as a distinguished communicator. His interviews span a wide range of professionals, including international models, writers, and artists, providing a global stage for their voices. His insightful questions and genuine interest in their stories have earned him respect and admiration in the industry.


A Trailblazer in Digital Marketing and Communication

Beyond his role at Perumira, Mostacero Baca has made significant strides in the field of digital marketing. His innovative approaches and strategic thinking have helped numerous brands and individuals amplify their presence and reach broader audiences. His expertise in digital marketing is not only evident in his professional endeavors but also in the accolades he has received, such as the “Heroes Alas Blancas” World Award for Business Excellence in 2023 and the “Paloma de Oro” Award in 2024.


An Author with a Passion for Literature and Education

In addition to his achievements in media and marketing, Jaime William Mostacero Baca is also a prolific author. His literary works span various genres, including poetry, history, and education. Notable among his publications is “Un Trozito de Poesía,” which showcases his literary talent and deep appreciation for cultural and artistic expression. His contributions to literature further underscore his versatility and commitment to enriching the cultural landscape.


Recognitions and Achievements

Jaime William Mostacero Baca’s career is adorned with numerous recognitions that speak to his excellence and impact. His awards and honors reflect his dedication to his craft and his ability to inspire and lead by example. The César Vallejo Award for Business Excellence is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and his influential role in the world of communication and business.


Impact and Vision for the Future

The impact of Jaime William Mostacero Baca on the communication industry is profound. Through his leadership at Perumira and his extensive interviews, he has created a platform that empowers and elevates voices from around the globe. His vision and dedication continue to inspire many in the field of communication and beyond. As he looks to the future, Mostacero Baca remains committed to driving innovation, fostering talent, and contributing to the global dialogue.

The awarding of the César Vallejo Award for Business Excellence to Jaime William Mostacero Baca by the Unión Hispanomundial de Escritores is a well-deserved recognition of his hard work, talent, and dedication. As the director of Perumira Global Talent Magazine and a young communicator, he has demonstrated himself to be an innovative force and an influential voice in the industry. His commitment to excellence and his passion for highlighting the stories of talents from around the world ensure that his impact will continue to grow in the years to come.

Jaime William Mostacero Baca’s journey is a remarkable testament to the power of vision, dedication, and innovation. As he continues to lead and inspire, his story serves as a beacon of excellence and a source of inspiration for aspiring communicators and entrepreneurs globally.