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Travel Itineraries? Try these AI Apps

Travel Itineraries? Try these AI Apps


Traveling is one of the most exciting and enriching experiences we can enjoy. However, planning a trip can be overwhelming: choosing destinations, routes, hotels, activities and budgets can be a real challenge. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play.

AI-backed travel itinerary apps are revolutionizing the way we organize our adventures. These tools use advanced algorithms to generate personalized plans, taking into account your preferences, interests and constraints.


iPlan AI

Just as its name says, this app will create the best travel plans for you.
Start by indicating your destination, the days you will be there, the times you prefer and if you will have company. Then set your interests and priorities, your budget and that’s it.
You will have an itinerary with the routes on a map with the exact points and the time it will take you to get to know them and move to the next ones.
It is constantly updated to give you the real tips.




For example, if you love architecture, it makes you a whole plan related to the best architectural options.
architectural options, or if you are a foodie, you will like it. It makes you a whole plan of the best restaurants, the chinganas, everything.

Do you like snow, for example?
It makes you a snow plan with blanca, with the dwarfs, with everything. The whole world. It is spectacular.
This app has the best data.
For starters, select your interests, if you like sports, museums, if you prefer to see monuments or parks, and so on. Put the city you are going to, the dates and ready, its artificial intelligence creates the perfect plan for you, with all the points you should visit every day, but best of all, you can check prices and even ask for advice from its intelligent assistant.

It has a chatbot

If you’re there on the street on the same trip, you can be there asking him, “hey, how much are the tickets for such-and-such a place?”. It answers you fast.
If you want to go eat at such-and-such a place, it’s open, the chatbot answers you right away. Not like others that leave you on hold every time you write to it.

I like to have these applications more as guides because they can also help you to save some money. Of course, you can find out beforehand. And also, the beauty of traveling is not to follow a schematic plan because those people who have all their itinerary, people stressed with meeting the schedule, no, you have to flow and live the city, the energy of the place.

You have to be a traveler, not a tourist.




Do you want an app to help you pack efficiently?

There is an application. It’s called PackPoint. This is your ultimate packing assistant.
Start by putting in your destination, date, duration, whether it’s for pleasure or business, what activities you’ll be doing and if you’ll have a washing machine.
In a matter of seconds, it will create a checklist that you can edit and check off as you put everything in your suitcase. It also tells you more or less what you need depending on the weather. Totally.

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