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Posivitec : Brain + AI

Posivitec : Brain + AI


Incredible as it may seem, a group of researchers at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia is developing a portable, non-invasive system that can decode silent thoughts and convert them into text.

Yes, a wearable artificial intelligence that will be able to read minds.
In this study, the 29 volunteer participants silently read passages of text using a special cap with electrodes that wraps around the head and records the electrical activity of the brain through the scalp using an electroencephalogram.
The brain waves are translated by a wearable artificial intelligence model that converts them into words and sentences, thanks to the brain scanning equipment’s big data learning.

This pioneering technology that does not require electrodes implanted in the brain and which is for now with a translation accuracy of around 40% could help the communication of people who cannot speak due to illness or injury, including stroke or paralysis.

And it could also enable seamless communication between humans and machines, as the University of Australia explores the use of brain signals to control robotic and autonomous systems.

It sounds like something out of a science fiction story, but it is opening new frontiers in neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

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