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AI killed freelance copywriters?

AI killed freelance copywriters?


Since the boom of ChatGPT and others, we have not seen many “copywriters” offering their services on the different freelance platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, forums, etc.

Maybe this is an evolution and there is no longer a need for many copywriters, but there is a need for good editors. The AI can create an article in 10 minutes, but it always requires some editing work afterwards, to correct wording, clean up dialects, correct mistakes that the AI has made in the information it delivers, etc. Editing is a job that will be needed more and more, and we will also need writers who know how to make the AI perform, who are capable of producing complete articles, including images, for example. Writing is not necessarily a simple job.

Those who reinvent themselves, specialize and understand AI as a tool (like a word processor) will still have a job. You have to know how to ask the right questions, build the web well, and introduce resources, such as photos, downloads, maps, videos. Whatever can be added to nourish the text.

I don’t think those ads you still see, where copywriters are offered “without the use of Artificial Intelligence”, don’t make much sense.

You can already see web pages with 100% AI text, and they receive today more than 30k visits per month, although Google has many requirements to consider your publication as a quality article (although Google already has ready a search engine generated completely with AI).

It is still very difficult for the AI to create an article where some comparisons of changes of some kind of legislation per country must be made, for example, the AI is right now unable to do anything on the subject. Also to issue an opinion on topics with a certain degree of controversy in some sectors. Many seek articles as university theses, without valuing what it really costs the research time that this entails.

Although now many comment that Artificial Intelligence is still making mistakes or can even improve what AI can write for you. For now it is a tool, a good auxiliary, it is not the total impersonation, but I don’t think it will be long before that.

Has AI become a problem for some, and an excellent alternative for others?

I wouldn’t say that. Many people talk about “AI ” as if it were a product, a whole, when in fact it is nothing more than a tool, whose products will be better or worse depending on the hands that operate it. It is not very different from a chisel: in Michelangelo’s hands, a chisel produces art, in my hands it would produce garbage. It is the same with AI . How good or bad the products made with IA will depend a lot on the hands behind the handling of the AI (previous knowledge, time invested, ability to make prompts, etc.). Specializing in that can become a good source of income at all levels. Some are like the letter carriers, who in the 19th century believed that the solution to the advances of the industrial revolution was to destroy the machines.

And you, is AI helping you in your work?

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